Understanding Hinduphobia Conference

A conference that examines the historical origins of Hinduphobia, studies its common tropes, and underlines its impact on Hindu Americans.

On April 23, 2021, 9 AM EST

Only a Few Days Left!

Join Rutgers HSC and individuals all over the country to learn about Hinduphobia.

The Conference Has Started!


Conference Schedule

The conference aims to 

  • Introduce participants to critical aspects of global and historical Hinduphobia
  • Understand the definition of Hinduphobia
  • Suggest how institutions can uphold this definition and what happens when they don’t

Friday, April 23rd, 2021

9:00 AM EST - Opening Ceremony

10:00 AM EST - Section I

Understanding the Historical Origins of Hinduphobia

12:30 PM EST - Lunch

1:15 PM EST - Section II

Contemporary Manifestations of Hinduphobia

3:30 PM EST - Chai Break

4:00 PM EST - Section III

The Impact of Hinduphobia

6:00 PM EST - Closing


Featured Speakers (thus far) include: 

Professor Jeffery Long
Religion & Philosophy,
Elizabethtown College
Professor Arvind Sharma
Comparative Religion,
McGill University
Dr. Meenakshi Jain, Ph.D.
Nehru Memorial Museum & Library
Dr. Yvette Rosser, Ph.D
Curriculum and Instruction
Vishal Ganesan
Hindoo History
Indu Viswanathan, Ed.D.
Curriculum and Teaching
Parth Parihar
Political Economics,
Princeton University
Alex Galitsky
Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA)